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Primary Information Management™   

Need to modify a product to get ahead in the marketplace or find employees in your company of Thai descent, who speak Italian, to work in Central Asia? PIM leverages your primary intelligence to get answers fast.

Introducing Primary Information Management (PIM). The fastest way to launch a Competitive Intelligence project, create a plan, and get the answers you need.

With PIM you get:

  • Automated CI project management that connects your internal data sources (that were once hard to manage) into a CI lethal weapon: primary intelligence you can use. Now.
  • Preliminary answers to key questions in hours versus days.
  • Reduced costs and with faster answers you get ahead in the market place.

The Challenge
You need an answer to a key competitive intelligence question. In the past, after you’ve selected a lead collector, and then conducted a conference call to put together the collection plan, it might take a month or more to get a preliminary answer.

The Solution
With PIM, you can reduce the time it takes to assemble your CI team down to several minutes, and typically, have a preliminary answer in about four days instead of a month. With PIM, Support Analysts can create accurate reports using advanced intelligence, faster, easier, and more accurately.

How PIM Works
PIM automates the primary intelligence gathering portion of the CI project management process, helping you organize and get the most out of your primary intelligence. PIM builds a database that places all your company’s collectors and their sources at your fingertips, so you can easily and quickly sort them based on customized categories and topics. Then, you instantly create a CI project based on a key intelligence question.

Within minutes after a CI project is created, PIM goes to work creating the CI plan. First, PIM assembles the collection team and then automatically notifies everyone on the team about the plan via e-mail, so they can go to work immediately contacting their sources for information. As the collectors create and enter their collection reports PIM automatically updates the plan. This gives analysts information faster so they can be formulating hypotheses sooner.  And it reduces a months worth of CI work to minutes.

Then, by compiling all the collection reports that have been entered, PIM creates a knowledge base from which you can automatically put together your next collection plan for any key intelligence question. So whether you are planning a crucial modification to a product or hiring new people, PIM gets you the answers you need. Fast.

Key features
  • Gain workflow management of primary intelligence processes
  • Faster formulation of KITs/KIQs
  • More accurate source management
  • Automatic collection plan formulation
  • Faster collection report filing
  • Better knowledge mapping
  • Final intelligence product production

Who uses PIM?
  • Support Analysts
  • Companies that employ CI collectors to gather competitive intelligence
  • A Company that uses Enterprise applications, commonly known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, to help standardize and integrate business processes, and facilitate collaboration between a company’s customers and its business partners.
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